Olive harvest season

at Chozos Resort

This time of year is truly special, as the temperatures and fresh air provide the perfect conditions for harvesting our olive trees.

A moment to celebrate the fruits of our land.

The process begins with the careful selection of the ripest olives, followed by meticulous hand-picking to preserve their integrity.

In Argentina, the HARVEST of olives takes place between the months of February and May, depending on the variety and the area. The growth period of the olive is very long, and ranges between 6 and 7 months depending on the growing area.

The change in color of the olives indicates the optimal time to process them. When half of the fruit is painted it is said that the olives are in “veraison”. At that time, the maximum polyphenol content and the best oil quality are achieved.

However, ripening does not occur at the same time in different trees, so other variables must be considered to determine the exact harvest point. One of them is the constant measurement of the oil and humidity of the fruits.

The olives are collected immediately to be transported in boxes or bins to the oil mill (olive oil factory). To obtain an extra virgin olive oil, no more than 12 hours can pass from harvest to processing, since it is a fruit that oxidizes quickly.

At this time of year, the field is transformed into a stage where each olive tree offers its fruits and the meticulous selection of them marks the beginning of a process that honors nature and its growth cycle, thus capturing the essence of this season.


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